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This is the whole reason why Band Connector exists — to collect your listings and post them for others to find!

So let’s get started.

Listings Information

From the top menu bar, click on SUBMIT LISTING. After an eternity, you’ll see this screen.

Listing categories

Listing categories

This is where it gets easy… In the section labeled LISTINGS INFORMATION, take a look at the field that starts with “Select All”. Ignore SELECT ALL. Let’s get a little more particular about where we are going to post our listing. Scroll down that box and you’ll see things like BAND SEEKING MUSICIAN and GIG WANTED and GIGS AVAILABLE and MUSICIAN SEEKING BAND and OTHER TALENT and SUPPORT AVAILABLE. You should be able to find one of those categories will suit your need. If not, maybe you need to cruise over to Craigslist, if you know what I mean?

Okay, let’s assume you are a BAND SEEKING A MUSICIAN. If you want, you can simply select the box in front of BAND SEEKING MUSICIAN and move on — but let’s get even more specific about WHAT KIND of musician you are looking for. Let’s say you want a lead guitar player. Check the box in front of LEAD GUITAR and we’re ready to move on.

[templatic_msg_box type=”alert”] NOTE: If you don’t see your category in this list, don’t worry, click on OTHER in the category closest to what you want and then drop the BC Guru (me) a line telling me what category you think is missing. I’ll review it and create the category and – FOR FREE — move your listing to that new category! Wow! You can reach me at [/templatic_msg_box]

Now that we have gotten specific with what we want — a lead guitarist, let’s fill in the details.

First of all, find the box marked TITLE — notice that, like the box marked CATEGORY, there’s a teeny tiny red star after the name. That means this Box HAS to be COMPLETED. Otherwise, you can’t submit your listing.

So, create a really cool title for your listing, but keep it short — like a tweet. How about “Death Metal band seeks serious shredr!

Sorry, not a metal head myself, but you get the idea, right?

Let’s move on to the DESCRIPTION. Here’s where you can let your creative soul soar free! This box has a lot of easy to use bells and whistles to let you post a listing that really catches people’s attention. I won’d go into the details here, but you can use different fonts, font sizes, bold or italicize your text, and even add tables to format your listing. If you’ve ever listed something on eBay, you know what I’m talking about. If not, don’t worry, you cna keep it simple.

In the description box, sell your listing. Tell the reader what you are looking for — if you are seeking a musician or a musician seeking a band. If you have a venue and you are looking to have bands play at your gig, let people know what kind of gig it is – and give people lots of contact information.

The next box is also important. The EXCERPT box is where you can define the “short” version of the description you just posted in the DESCRIPTION box. just capture the highlights and keep it under 200 characters to be sure it all displays on the website.

The IMAGE upload is optional, but nothing say LOOK AT ME like a cool picture of you playing the guitar, or your band playing or even a good logo. Limit the upload to 50MB, okay. Storage isn’t cheap!

Now we need to get your listing on the map. The next 5 things are all mandatory, so be sure you select a COUNTRY, a STATE, and a CITY. Words like “St.” are spelled out, so look for “Saint Charles”, not “St. Charles”

[templatic_msg_box type=”alert”] NOTE: If you don’t see your city in this list, don’t worry, click on any city close to what you want and then drop the BC Guru (me) a line telling me what city you think is missing. I’ll review it and create the city and – FOR FREE — move your listing to that new city! Wow! You can reach me at [/templatic_msg_box]

Next, click on a GOOGLE MAP VIEW — I recommend ROAD MAP, but feel free to go off on a tangent if you want here.

And finally, enter an address — if you don’t want to load your home address, put a generic address in here near you so people near you will see your listing. Click on SET ADDRESS ON MAP. You should see a marker appear on the map near where you are. If not, check your address.

The next box, SPECIAL OFFERS, is OPTIONAL. You can list any special offers here. I’m assuming this is mostly for businesses, but who knows what a drummer might offer to get hired. You know how drummers are! Mike, I’m kidding! Love ya man!

And TIME is also for businesses — although I supposed you could put “Don’t call before NOON” in here if you want. It’s OPTIONAL.

Optionally, you can upload a LOGO in the next box.

In the video box, you can paste in your VIDEO EMBED CODE. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry about this box. It’s OPTIONAL, too.

Contact Information

And finally, we’re down to the important part — the CONTACT section.

Enter a PHONE number here if you want folks to call about your listing — note that it’s OPTIONAL.

However, it’s REQUIRED that you enter your EMAIL address in the next box. I mean, folks got to reach you somehow, right?

All the rest of the boxes under CONTACT INFORMATION are OPTIONAL, but for most of you, these are great ways to let folks know more about you. Put your FACEBOOK, WEBSITE, TWITTER and other social media accounts here.

And finally, we’re down to the SELECT A PACKAGE section.

[templatic_msg_box type=”info”] Right now, this whole website is FREE. My hope and dream is that I can maintain this site strictly off of my winnings in Lotto and some meager ad sales (by the way, if you click on my Amazon ads when you go shopping, they’ll kick back money to me — Thanks dude!). If it looks like this whole thing is taking off, I may add some paid categories and subscription-type listings. However, I intend to keep all Musician and Band listings free. [/templatic_msg_box]

So click on the FREE package and tick the box marked ACCEPT TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Click on PREVIEW LISTINGS and voila! there’s your listing. If you see something you don’t like, go ahead and fix it. Once it looks pretty good, go ahead and submit it. Your post will appear almost immediately.

Still have questions? ¬†Give me a shout! Good luck with your listing — let me know how it goes!



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